Make every shot count with the SureStrikeTM Hunting Pack. The Hunting Pack includes the SureStrikeTM 9mm Cartridge with Multi Mode cap and your choice ofa 12G Shotgun adapter, 20G Shotgun adapter, 308 Rifle adapter OR 30-06 Rifle adapter. Now you can train at home and boresight with your favorite Shotgun or Rifle!

The SureStrikeTM Hunting Pack Includes:

  • SureStrikeTM 9mm Multi Mode Cartridge
  • Either the 12G, 20G, 308 OR 30-06 Adapter
  • 3 Reflective Targets
  • Battery Pack

**9mm Cartridge comes already assembled inside the adapter

PATENT NUMBER 8,707,867 B2, 8,734,156, US 8584587 B2