The Smokeless Range family of simulators, is an affordable marksmanship, judgmental and recreational simulator built by shooters for shooters. Practice with your own weapon or recoil enable simulated weapon (Airsoft) in the convenience of your own home, office or department.

The Interactive Multi Target Training System comprises up to 10 interactive targets that communicate between each other, allowing you to seamlessly simulate different training drills. IPSC / IPDA / Steel Plate / Home Defense / Tactical Engagement.

Get in the action! Immerse yourself in thousands of training drills– powered by our most advanced personal training solutions yet.

The LaserPet is a standalone, personal electronic target system. No computer required! Build your own personal training range with different training scenarios using this highly portable electronic target system.

Build the right muscle memory while practicing drills designed to prevent accidental discharge incidents! The Training Laser Pistol sounds an alarm if your finger moves near the trigger while unholstering your weapon, among other advanced features.

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